Are you a successful Black Woman entrepreneur who’s hustling backwards, (i.e., slavin,’ earning it, proving it, overcoming it, etc.) and making “good” money—but not millions?


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FINALLY! Stop slavin’ and start soaring! With powerful “culturally conscious” healing tools created for Black Women, by a Black Woman Millionaire (#holla) to SHATTER generational curses and put you on a collision course with YOUR 7-Figure Destiny!

It’s time to HEAL HISTORY! Discover how to turn YOUR historical and personal survival into 7-figure success in a loving community of like-hearted sisters encouraging and empowering YOU to LIVE YOUR WORTH OUT LOUD!

Worried Black Woman hands on headMy sister, I get it. More than you will ever know. So can I just level with you ... flat out? All your life, for as long as you can remember, it's been drilled into you: You have been taught and told that YOU'RE the problem.

  • That you are "angry" or difficult. (Or too nice and giving.)
  • You're too much of this or not enough of that.
  • That you are "intimidating," a "workhorse," a "scapegoat" or a "cash cow."

(And don't EVEN get me started with work!) But here's the thing. The REAL problem is You believed it. You believed, at some fundamental level, that you are wrong. That you brought "it" on yourself. That you're the one who did this.

Look, can we talk? For real for real?
Baby girl: It’s not your fault!

venus-opal-reese-business-bad-assBecause If you're anything like me, you know deep down to your core:

  • No matter how many self-help books you read, personal development workshops you attend, or how much you pay your therapist, you still feel like sh!t. But you can't tell anyone because you are the successful one that made it out. And … you're embarrassed and ashamed you're not as good or successful as everyone thinks you are.
  • You love being needed (because you have trained EVERYBODY to come to you when the sh!t hits the fan). But no one is there for you when you need it. And you feel sooo alone.
  • Bad things happened. Sh!t was rough. And the old tapes from what momma said or daddy did still haunt you. But the problem is, when you meet people who talk to you a certain way, or who look like "him," you revert right back to being a scared little girl or an angry Black Woman. And you freeze, fight, or flee.
  • black woman frustratedYou know you shouldn't eat the cookie, start the argument, buy the Coach bag, let him/her in—again. But you can't seem to stop yourself when you feel sad, scared, bad, or powerless. It's a knee-jerk reaction that causes problems with your kids, your boo, and your business.
  • Even when you know you're about to "go there," you can't seem to stop. And it has cost you: your health, your wealth, and your relationships with the people who matter most to you.
  • And more than anything, you want to relax, trust, and know that you are taken care of. But life has taught you that's just not safe. So you're always in constant "survival mode" and feel if you don't get your hustle on, you won't make it.

Crying Black WomanSo you keep trying to do it all yourself. You don't ask for help and you refuse handouts (f!@#$%^&k that). But deep down inside, you secretly wish life didn't have to be so hard. That someone would care enough about you to lend a hand. To help you without you asking.

So that the life you yearn for—the love, the money, the recognition, the impact—could come easy for you. And you wouldn't have to do it ALL on your own.

And even though it's all rising up in your face... I want you to KNOW, right now, from the deepest part of my heart to yours: There IS a way out.


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Because your self-worth determines your net worth.

My sister, hear this: THERE IS a way to stop hustling, to stop slavin, to stop doing it all yourself and still have exactly what you want. How do I know? I was a terrified teen whose momma put her out on the streets. Who ate food from trashcans to survive. But I have been able to take all the negativity and darkness the streets could throw my way and turn it into a system that transformed my survival into seven-figure success. And I want you to know, from the deepest part of me to you: If I can ... you can! Because you are so much closer than you will ever know to finally understanding the real reason for everything you've been through. And using it as the fuel to rise to your shining, purpose-driven destiny.

The Defy Impossible, Seven-Figure Sister Starter System:
Proven Internal Processes REQUIRED to Break
Your First Million—On Your Own Terms!


SFS-StarterSystemHeaderMarch2016FINALLY! Here are the deep dive” processes and intimate teleseminar training you were hoping against hope someone would have the courage to offer. Well ... your wait is over! Because this life-changing, groundbreaking, revolutionary offering does what NO other product or program in the world has dared attempt: It hones in on, identifies, and transforms the historical hurts Black Women have inherited which became cultural traits and now are our “normal.” And provides a structure for you to put them in the past ... forever!

  • So you can finally understand you are NOT the problem ... you are the answer!
  • So you finally get ... you are not responsible for other people’s problems. You are responsible for your dreams!
  • So you realize ... the only thing that’s been holding you back is the BS others have been laying on you.

And so you finally understand you are free and clear to realize your OWN dreams, instead of swallowing your hopes and falling on your sword so those around you can live theirs.

Yes, you have finally found the path that helps you heal, that helps you rise, that shows you how to throw off the cross you thought was yours to bear (for life!). So you can stop merely being “strong” and start being successful. And unfold fully into your seven-figure magnificence!

Stay with me now ... because I know you thought being “strong” was your salvation. Let me give you the truth: “Strong” is a survival strategy passed down from slavery. And now it’s become the problem that keeps you locked in emotional and financial bondage. Because when you’re “strong,” you can’t let your guard down and let others in. You can’t accept help. And because you can’t delegate, and feel you have to handle everything, your financial elevator is stuck on the ground floor.

Well, all that changes when you “Defy Impossible!” and discover the keys no one else dared reveal, to create incredible fulfillment.
And unsurpassed wealth!

Imagine what it would be like to:

  1. Put yourself first (your desires, passions, and plans)—without feeling guilty. And do it every single day.
  1. Have the courage, confidence, and clarity to walk away from that lover, that job, or that family member without punishment, penalty, or losing your heart.
  1. Magnetize 100% of the right people to you because your heart is open, you're a blast to be with, and you are radiating your magnetic, authentic self. (Think amazing friends, romance, and the perfect business partners, and you're getting a taste ... )
  1. Turn the pain of the past into peace that surpasses all understanding. (Sis, try me on this one ... )
  1. Stop yelling (at your kid, your boo, your employees, yourself!) and become so untriggerable that you can hear their hearts and see their innocence—even when you feel wronged.
  1. Healing your heart so you can take your life back instead of living at the mercy of other people's agendas.
  1. Identifying the intrinsic value and inherent worth you naturally bring to life—and to the marketplace! (Psst: This one right here—is the GAME CHANGER!!! You can't even get in the game of seven-figure success without it!)

And guess what? We're just scratching the surface of what this powerful program delivers! That's because The Seven-Figure Sister Starter System was created for super successful Black Women (BY a super successful Black Woman). I get it ... you have walked through life's fire and won—but you can't take it higher because you're still tethered to the behaviors rooted in a history of hurts YOU inherited. And they are keeping you from the destiny you know you are designed to live!

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PAY IN FULL $1,497.00


Let this in, and let it in deep: When I say it’s not your fault when you numb out, lash out, or check out, I couldn’t be more serious!

Because our collective consciousness and cultural memory is such a unique experience, you need customized tools, strategies, and processes to stop it from creating land mines everywhere you go. And more importantly, to transform internally. Because when we heal our hurts and our hearts, our behaviors naturally align with the success we yearn for.

And this powerful system is designed to deliver exactly that, to help you once and for all:

  1. Clear away the emotional debris so you can actually hear—and heal—the little Black Girl inside you.
  1. Finally break free from all the baggage that has kept you safe, stuck, and small.
  1. Be INSPIRED by who you REALLY are and be moved to tears by your own magnificence! (As Toni Morrison wrote in Beloved, YOU are your own best thing, dear heart.)
  1. Own up to the EXACT knee-jerk survival strategies that have kept you locked into giving way too much for way too long, sabotaging your success and killing your cash. So you can finally get PAST THEM and fulfill all those dreams you have secreted away in your heart.
  1. Embrace the blessing in your storms as a way to serve the world. (I know it didn’t feel like it. But hear me: The pain was preparation for your destiny. It is the bridge to your bliss. YOU are the one the world has been waiting for!)
  1. Harness your survival as the rocket fuel for your success. (Once you know how to turn this around, you simply won’t believe the power it has to take you exactly where you want to go.)
  1. Create the raw materials to monetize your worth, to make millions from your mess, and put you on a proven path to seven-figure success.

It’s the only avenue that helps dynamic, destiny-driven Black Women (that’s you!) break free from survival sabotage. So instead of bondage, you experience your breakthrough!

And it only gets better! Because this is the package that finally delivers the promise of the future. YOUR FUTURE!

When you invest in yourself through the “Seven-Figure Sister Starter System: Proven Internal Processes REQUIRED to Break Your First Million—On Your Own Terms!” you receive:

Seven “deep dive” processes that I learned on the mean streets of Baltimore, which kept me alive AND moved me from living in a constant state of reaction, threat, and survival to peace, power, and eventual profits through living an empowered life.

Each process is proven and designed to get to the
REAL reason you are not winning in life.

Understand it: As Black Women, we have been socially rewarded (big time) for being strong, making do, hustling, and yes, surviving. For some sisters it's a badge of honor. But at the root of it all is the big lie that keeps you mired in living up to others' expectations instead of yours: And that is why "willpower alone can NOT change your behavior. If it could, you could stop this on a dime. But it can't. Willpower is the wrong place to look if you want to stop reacting, being "strong, being a "hard worker, being "helpful, or even being "nice. (Trust me. I've tried.) The reason you have been feeling like a failure is because you have been taught to believe it's your fault. And you have been trying to use your "willpower to change. Trying to use your willpower implies you have some say-so. But—feel me on this—if you did have say-so, you wouldn't be doing it in the first place! Willpower will never stop you from going off, walking out, or shutting down, because it is an illusion that feeds hope. And my sister, hope NEVER produces results—especially when you are hurt.

human brain see through But this is what I know for sure: Survival will always trump willpower. Compared to the compulsion and sway of your survival strategies, willpower is your survival's bitch. And considering the history of hurts we have inherited, we—you and I—are wired to survive. Just like your heart beats, your inhale follows your exhale, and your blood courses through your veins, when you are in survival mode, willpower doesn't stand a chance.

But this is what I know for sure: Survival will always trump willpower. Compared to the compulsion and sway of your survival strategies, willpower is your survival's bitch. And considering the history of hurts we have inherited, we—you and I—are wired to survive. Just like your heart beats, your inhale follows your exhale, and your blood courses through your veins, when you are in survival mode, willpower doesn't stand a chance.

Here's the good news: knowing your survival strategies and then being able to transform them is the way to break the cycle. It's the way to get free. It's your get-out-of-jail-free card. It's why you have never been able to make one inch of progress on this, no matter how hard you've tried. And it's why, maybe for the first time EVER ... you are starting to see your way out. Because with each of these comprehensive worksheets, tools, and real-life exercises, you will realize how your survival—not you—has been running your life. This is the good news, because now you can get to work on the right thing. And when you do, for the first time in your family's lineage you will get your hands on the levers and dials of the actual survival mechanisms that have been passed down from generation to generation. It's hard to change something if you are working on the wrong thing. This entire program is structured so you don't have to tell anyone or talk to anyone or please anyone. As you do the processes and you take the time to be emotionally intimate with yourself, in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace, you don't have to put on any fronts. You need the self-reflective time without the added pressure of other people's eyes on you. As you move through the material, you will progress from setting yourself free from the historical hurts we have inherited (like the air we breathe) to seeing and saying the words that make your "mess monetizable.

Better yet, you will receive one training AND one "deep-dive lesson a week so you can fully process this powerful work and not get overwhelmed. This is a sacred time for you. The system is simple and direct, with step-by-step instructions, to make it effortless to focus, reflect, and embody the revelations you receive. Your environment will see the changes in your behaviors. Your actions will speak your growth.

Also included in this revolutionary program is a loving, positive, and safe Facebook community to share what you are discovering for yourself, and with this powerful, priceless tribe of like-hearted sisters who are as committed as you are to breaking generational curses. The shared love reinforces the amazing fact that you are no longer alone!

Make no mistake: The Seven-Figure Sister Starter System is the ONLY product on the market that harnesses our unique survival strength as the engine and gateway to cultural and economic freedom. It's nothing short of an unprecedented revolutionary opportunity for Black Women to dismantle the historic injuries we have experienced, learned, and inherited. And in the process, not only free ourselves to achieve our destiny but also set an entire race—the human race—free!

I had been looking for someone "like me" who was in the online marketing space and doing well. … Dr. Venus helped me turn my pain into my blessing!

"I heard about Dr. Venus online and listened to her speak on a Black Women Millionaires call. I went to her website and there learned about the Seven-Figure Sister Starter System and the upcoming event in Atlanta. I immediately knew I had to participate in both as I had been looking for someone ‘like me’ who was in the online marketing space and doing well. I purchased the Starter System and was instantly impressed by the quality of the program. Each weekly call was jammed full of valuable content. One of my defining moments was when Dr. Venus worked with me on our Module 5 call. In less than 10 minutes, I went from "worthless" to "extraordinary"! I didn’t realize I had this lingering pain, but she did, and put her finger right on it! I was transformed as she helped me turn my pain into my blessing! Now that I am free from that, I am able to coach more authentically. Dr. Venus, you are an amazing lady and I thank GOD for you! Thank you for being such a genuine, compassionate Black woman who knows her stuff and keeps it real! You are the best!" Karen Denise, aka Giggy the Grandmother Life and Business Coach


Stephanie Clark-Ochoa

This increase of $30,000 after only one session is amazing!! Thank you Dr. Venus for helping me grow as a black woman and an entrepreneur.

"Prior to joining the Seven-Figure Sister Starter System, I struggled with believing that I was worthy of having a business with clients that paid me what I'm worth. I tended to undervalue myself and my services; I even gave my services away for free. It was amazing how much pain and hurt I had stuffed down (mainly with food). Writing my way through Module 1 freed me of emotional weight—and at the right time! I met with a prospect I had been trying to close for 2 years. When we finished, he requested a retainer totaling $18,000!! A week later it happened again with a different prospect for a retainer of $12,000!

Stephanie Clark-Ochoa, Business Services


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Because what this work revealed to me is, while I may not have
asked for my history, I was born for what it makes possible:
Helping other powerful Black Women liberate themselves
and wake up to their own magnificence.

Because I know what it feels like to be a slave.

To live at the mercy of other people’s pain.

To have to acquiesce to other people’s agendas.

And it all started at home…

By the time I was sixteen, I was living on the streets. Doing everything I needed to do to survive.

But long before the streets, shit had been bad.

image1I come from a lineage of addicts, petty hustlers, and violence.

Crazy as it sounds, the streets were kinder to me than what happened during Momma’s watch. From six to sixteen, the pills, the powder, and the police were my normal.

By the time I met Mrs. Francis, the 9th grade math teacher who saved my life, my survival strategies were firmly established. I was used to picking up the crumpled one dollar bills at the Tick Tock Club where the stripers twerked. I could no longer smell the urine and beer reeking from my body from the alley with the rats and roaches where I slept.

I knew how to survive. I knew how to navigate the streets, to hear what people were NOT saying, and I knew loyalty was the difference between life or getting stolen. On the streets, death is a daily threat.

Simply put: survival and I roll hard.
So believe me: I know survival.

The-Streets-300x203I watched it in my house. I studied it for years in pimps, addicts, and cops. And I lived it on the streets. I can smell it on you. I can see it coming and going. It would be impossible for me not to have mastery at identifying survival and still be alive.

And here's the truth: It was my survival strategies that got me through my second master's degree and Ph.D. from Stanford University. And fast-tracked me to the seven-figure mark. Not my smarts or my skill. It was my ability to harness my survival that got me my four degrees, that got me featured in Forbes and showcased in Ebony magazine as one of four Black Millionaires who turned our passion (or in my case, pain) into profit.

As Featured In:

As Featured In

And now ... I have taken my survival and turned it into a system
that has generated over $7 million for my clients.

"Working with Dr. Venus catapulted my confidence and gave me a new perspective of myself. I…created a new position for myself within the company... This move increased my income by 30%, a signing bonus and a company car…"

"I work for a manufacturing company as an accountant for over 20 years. I got to a place where I felt stuck and unfulfilled… I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Venus speak about your net worth being directly tied to your self- worth … Working with Dr. Venus catapulted my confidence and gave me a new perspective of myself— thank you Dr. Venus for making this possible. I couldn't have done it without your genius."

Curlie McCalla, Business Development Manager, Allanson International Inc. in Ontario, Canada


"Thank you, Dr. Venus, for making our business stronger & 50% more profitable!"

Working with Dr. Venus Opal Reese raised our consulting business to the next level. We knew we were undervaluing our work but didn't know how to ask for more. Dr. Venus helped us separate self-esteem from self-worth and made us recognize and explode the emotional barriers holding us back. Billing became a customer service, not a search for validation. We stopped worrying if we could earn the rate we deserved and focused on finding work that deserved our time. We told our clients we were raising our rates 50% and asked them what work was most important. Turns out, all of it was."

Seraphina Uludong, Cabral Consulting, Oakland, CA


"My work with Dr. Venus saved my life."

"I know it seems stark and dramatic, but it's true. I couldn't stop the drumbeat of … "I messed up again," "I'm not important," "I don't matter," "I'm not good enough," or "if only I would." I kept telling myself, "If only I could—then I would be happy." Somewhere along the line Dr. Venus taught me that the truth mattered, that what I wanted mattered, that I mattered. It's a lesson that I will not unlearn."

Shana Bursi, COO, Essentia Financial Services


"Since I completed Street Smarts for CEOs I was INVITED to do a TED talk! I have learned how to embrace all of who I am and become genuinely proud of who I am."

"Dr. Venus Opal Reese has been a gift to my life… I have learned how to breakthrough my self-imposed limitations… By practicing her tools, I have been able to advance in my job, lead projects more effectively, and create a passionate and mutually beneficial relationship... I can't say enough about how this has changed my life and made me a more loving and compassionate person, especially towards myself…"

Dr. Roni Ellington, STEM Education Consultant, Baltimore, MD


"Since working with Dr. V…I've closed a $1.7 million dollar investment deal and finished 3 triathlons."

"Since working with Dr. V. as an executive coach and business consultant, I have transformed the outcomes. I am creating and fashioning a life I love. This new life is characterized by effectiveness with myself and my experience of my life as well as having much more influence with circumstances and people."

Tommy Glenn, CEO, Essentia Financial, Dallas, TX


I say all that to tell you: I have mastered survival. AND I can help you take your survival and turn it into your salvation.

  • I know the helplessness and hopelessness of wanting something better, but getting in your own way.
  • I intimately understand the wounds of betrayal, let-down, disappointment, and how all of "their" stuff has held you down. It's a lot of weight to carry and I know you don't know how to let it go.
  • I also get why you are pissed. You are sick and tired of always being the one who has to sacrifice herself for everyone else's good. And I can also taste your fear of becoming your mother, or killing off men because your daddy wasn't around. (My truth: I was too afraid to have kids because I was terrified I would hurt them in ways that Momma hurt me. So I understand.)

But what hurts the most is: I know the absolute soul-aching frustration of feeling trapped in a life that doesn't give a shit about you—but you don't know how to get out. You want out but you are secretly afraid that you are so fucked up that this is the best you can do.

And the hopelessness of knowing that your life is meant for something big and great that you can't get to, makes you want to drink, or smoke, or overeat, or overspend, or have random sex. Just to feel something good. To feel like this is not your life. I know this.

But I want YOU to know, my sister in success, that not only are you not alone. You are bigger than your bruises!


After just two weeks of taking the Seven-Figure Sister Starter System course, I “attracted” two new clients! ... Dr. Venus has “upgraded me” spiritually, mentally, and financially!

"I was making thousands per month for a nonprofit company but little to nothing in my own business. The turning point happened when I listened to Dr. Venus speak during the Black Women Millionaires Virtual Salon, where she reminded me that because I matter, my dreams also matter, and that my dream of becoming a prosperous entrepreneur is much closer than I realize. After just two weeks of taking the Seven-Figure Sister Starter System course, I “attracted” two new clients! This was without changing any external stuff related to my business and solely based on the internal work I was doing. Additionally, I have become more confident in how I speak about my business. I’m also more confident walking in faith. I now know that everything is working out for me, and because of that, I am able to use my energy in a more efficient way. In just two months, Dr. Venus has “upgraded me” spiritually, mentally, and financially! Thank you again for everything!" Candace Thoth, Founder & CEO,, Hawaii


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PAY IN FULL $1,497.00


And the fact that you are reading these words means it’s your time to set your own self free. It’s time to pimp-slap survival. It’s time for you to harness your survival and kick the door off its hinges. If I can do it, so can you. My sister, I would not even think of uttering those words if it wasn’t true. And the gateway to making this your living, breathing reality, is this revolutionary training. Which will help to show you:

  • EXACTLY why you have not been able to stop yourself from eating the cookie, or starting the fight, or chasing away true love, or quitting on you (when you are right at the edgy of glory). We deep dive into this during session 4! It’s sooooooooooooo eye-opening! And soooo good to say good-bye to guilt forever!
  • How to turn down the noise in your head and open your heart to your little girl self. So you can hear an aspect of you that will give you the inner secret to PINPOINT EXACTLY what you need to do to heal, grow, and flourish.
  • This process of getting to the you that’s been shut down, shut out, and silenced is so precious and holy, you will be moved to tears to hear your own heart’s wisdom. Yes, getting to the uncluttered you right off the bat will set you up for success for the rest of the course in session 2.
  • How to reveal, feel, and release not simply your suppressed emotions, where life broke your heart, but discover the BLESSING that you would never have gained without your specific journey. When you can identify the blessing inside your brokenheartedness, you become uniquely and powerfully equipped to change the world NOW! (It’s all covered in step-by-step detail in session 5!)

Here is where you start to see that your pain is the key to your profit! I know it sounds crazy, but my clients and I are living proof!

And when you reserve your own space today in the "Seven-Figure Sister Starter System: Proven Internal Processes REQUIRED to Break Your First Million—On Your Own Terms!" you receive 7 weekly self-paced processes PLUS, 7 "Open Your Heart" Set the Stage Mini-Webinars PLUS 7 weekly "deep dive" training calls designed to give you what you need to break free, not someday ... but now!

Week 1: Your Declaration of Independence:

Finally break free (forever!) from all the baggage that has kept you safe, stuck, and small. This tool is magic! It works, and it works fast!

Week 2: Getting to the Uncluttered You:

Clear away the emotional debris that’s been dogging you for years, to FINALLY hear the little Black Girl inside you. This sacred session allows you to bathe in the warm aura of self-loving in an emotionally intimate and healing way. And believe me, finally tasting the release you may have been seeking for decades is an experience that is simply indescribable!

Week 3: KickA$$ Created Self:

Here is where you win—with yourself! You are the model for how others treat you. This is the powerful session where you get to be INSPIRED by who you REALLY are and be moved to tears by your magnificence! So you can use this transcendent truth (instead of your history) as the engine of your incomparable future!

Week 4: Self-Worth Blueprint Process

Uncover the EXACT knee-jerk survival strategies that keep killing off your relationships, undermining your success, and screwing up your money so you FINALLY fulfill all those dreams you (almost) gave up on.

Week 5: The “Monetizable Miracle In Your Mess” Alchemy Sheet

This tool is damn near the second coming! When you can see and embrace not just the reaction, not just the lesson, but THE ACTUAL BLESSING you would have missed had you not walked through life’s fire, an awesome power will ripple through your veins. So you will not only give thanks for your mess! But see it as the indispensable foundation of your future success! (I kid you not! You are about to break generational curses, baby—from the inside out!)

Week 6: Harnessing Your Survival for Success: The Intrinsic Value You NATURALLY Bring to Life Itself (and the Marketplace)

It’s one thing to be at peace with the past—it’s another thing to profit from it. Imagine being able to actually harness the sheer power embedded in your survival as the rocket fuel for an almost unimaginable level of success! Its inexhaustible energy will always be yours, and can make achievement almost effortless.

Week 7: Forged in Fire Fodder™ Your Intrinsic (and Monetizable) Worth

If you want to monetize your mess, here is where you start. Here is where you get the raw materials to make your mark, make the difference you were uniquely crafted by life to make, and (if you choose) make millions—on your own terms.


Tuesday 4pm CST- 5:15ish

July 26th, 2016

August 2nd,2016

August 9th, 2016

August 17th, 2016

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August 30th, 2016

September 6th, 2016

Bonus PIF: September 13th, 2016

All session are recorded so you can listen at your leisure.

But I’m not stopping there. Because my vision for you, my shining sister, is nothing short of deliverance to your destiny! So I’m going to the wall for you, with these powerful bonuses!

  • Self-Worth and Forgiving Your Parents Audio with New York Times Best-Selling Author/Life-Time movie subject (Homeless to Harvard) Liz Murray, and Streets to Stanford/Black Woman Millionaire, Dr. Venus Opal Reese: Forgiving your parents is essential to your emotional and financial freedom. And this life-changing audio will finally allow you release from the past! (priceless)
  • Lisa Nichols “Loving the Little Black Girl Inside”—It's here! My exclusive, in-person blockbuster audio interview with this six-time best-selling author as she shares the four top permission-to-prosper power tools she used to turn self-love into a multimillion-dollar brand. ($297 value)

You can see: There isn't a stone I've left unturned; there isn't a question I've left unanswered. This powerhouse package is the historic resource you've been yearning for!

Which affordable payment option fits you best?



But I know there is still something (energetically)
strangling you, that won’t let you go.
Because in the back of your mind ...

Look, sis, can we just go there?

I am not trying to piss you off, but I love you enough to say this:

The ghosts of the past are haunting your future. It’s like your history has a chokehold on your voice, your peace, and your abundance. (You know it all too well.) Time after time, you see other chicks who aren’t NEARLY as brilliant, ingenious, or generous as you walk away with the “good catch” (ouch), the title, the money, AND the praise!

And the REAL truth? A piece of you is resentful, another is a little green, and another feels like you don’t deserve to win at life. Yet, at your core, you KNOW you should be the one the WORLD raises its glass to. But the ghosts come a-whispering, pouring poison into your ear, eroding your confidence and feeding you doubt.

Isn’t it time to take this one on, once and for all, come face to face with your ghosts AND SHUT. THE. PAST. DOWN?

Isn’t it time to stop letting
or Daddy,
or ex-lover,
or old boss,
or the weight scale,
or your environment,
your mistakes,
or the haters,
or your kids (yes, them too!),
or society run and ruin your life?

Every new beginning starts with a new action.

And the Seven-Figure Sister Starter System is the opening that gives you the tools to be the author of YOUR life. Not the life they’re comfortable with you having. But the life you are destined for!

I got it: You have been in a battle all your life to be a WINNER. And I know you have spent TONS of money, time, energy, and hope (me too!) in programs and products trying to change so you can have the life you have dreamt about since you were a child.

And they have all failed you.

Because NONE of those "solutions" came close to addressing the Black Woman experience. YOUR EXPERIENCE. None of them address survival. Almost all of them merely direct you to "affirm" or "visualize" or "pray."

The problem is ... they are just a start. They only put a band-aid on cancer. Even therapy falls short, because it's rooted in psychology. NOT survival. Survival is pure physiological wiring, pure stimulus response. It's the polar opposite of what drives therapy, so is it any wonder even the best therapist (as wonderful as they are) can't break your chains?

Nothing you've tried before even comes close to getting to the REAL root cause; so you don't have lasting results.

The Seven-Figure Sister Starter System gives you the tools to leverage your survival (not simply explain or understand it), harnessing its incomparable primal power so it works for you instead of against you, frees you instead of imprisons you.

Because when you can look the past in the eye, release it, AND then have it work for you, THAT’S pure power! That’s incarnate freedom! And that’s exactly what I’m inviting you to do ... NOW!

Look, I know change can be scary, especially when you’ve experienced disappointment after disappointment. I spent 17 years getting validation through four degrees because I felt so worthless inside. But once I had the tools to stop reacting to every little thing, I was able to attract the love of my life, travel the world, and make a real difference in the lives of others.

More than anything, I wanted my life to matter, to not be a waste. And I now have a life that makes a difference because I REFUSED to let fear stop me. It takes a special kind of person and a special kind of courage to thrive. And you are that person. Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading these words.

  • So ... isn’t it time for you to be respected, appreciated, loved and cherished for who you are, instead of what you can do for others?
  • Isn’t it time for you to walk with bold confidence into any situation and say your piece without backing down for fear of fallout?
  • Isn’t it time for you to be paid handsomely for the value you bring to LIFE itself?
  • How many more months or even years will you live with the excruciating pain of living at the mercy of your reactions, the pain of the past, or other people’s shit?

Instead, sister, walk with me. And let’s dream ...

Imagine being proud of you:

  • You are proud because you have peace instead of falling to pieces when life throws you a curve ball.
  • You are so rock solid in your sense of self, you inspire others, attract 100% of the right people into your life, AND make the kind of money you deserve that gives you the lifestyle you have always craved.

Black Woman with Credit CardWalk with me. Imagine…

  • Speaking up for yourself without talking down to others. (check)
  • Credit card debt gone. Every bit of it. (check)
  • Peaceful Thanksgiving dinner with family filled with love and laughter. (check)
  • Feeling beautiful at any size. (check.)

Taste it along with me: When you complete your starter system, you will LOVE yourself AND your life. And the past will feel like an old gray photograph that doesn't have ANY power over your life!

(Are you walkin'?)

Well, my sister in success, this can be your reality. It IS possible and it is a lot more attainable than you think.

Which affordable payment option fits you best?



Because when you have the right strategies, tools,
and processes—that will last a lifetime!
YOU get to create your life. Every blessed moment of it.

And because I want to be absolutely certain this WILL become your life ... I’m adding two unprecedented extras to this unbelievable offering, to walk you right through the gate of your future!

  • Black Women Millionaires LIVE! Luxury Experience for Black Women In Business!: Feel me now ... I don’t simply want you to be peaceful. I want you to be financially free. Your survival was birthed when life broke your heart. Money is a heart condition. You can’t get in the seven-figure-sister game UNTIL you have handled your survival. But when you do, you become the answered prayer for folks who will pay YOU top dollar for the wisdom from your walk. So I am gifting you a ticket to my flagship business training so you can learn how to fast-track it to the million-dollar mark—with meaning—and on your own terms. ($3,500 value)
  • On top of that, I’m adding in my Street Smarts Audio Program and Worksheets. While the Seven-Figure Sister Starter System deep dives into your wiring, this audio program’s 4 incomparable audios and 4 step-by-step guides compound the power with key teachings in crucial, often hidden, areas that are pivotal for your success. This PERFECT companion to the Starter System is a hand-in-glove fit! ($497 value)

And finally ... because there’s nothing I want
more than to have you start living your
breakthrough—NOW—I’ve decided to sweeten the pot.

With these one-time-only, EXCLUSIVE bonuses for those who commit, full-out and all-in, by paying in full. Why? Because this kind of decisive action puts you in gear before the course even begins, to create results FASTER. To put these bonuses in perspective, both my keynote money talks and my power coaching VIP Days will run you $10k. And are worth every penny for the clients I work with, because in minutes I can hear and walk them through what they have been struggling with for decades. But I wanted to make myself available to you as well, specifically for sisters who are ready, hungry, and dead serious about winning in life.

For the 1st 50 Paid in Full Sisters Who Invest In YOURSELVES, you get these Full Out/All In "Ready To WIN!" Bonuses:

  • Committed Action Bonus #1: A Live Group "Pouring into YOU!" Call:

    This powerful call takes you above and beyond your struggles to get ALL your questions answered, right from the source! My street-smart survival skill of hearing what’s really in your way (and knowing the best way past it) ENSURES you lock onto even your loftiest goals. AND I SMELL MONEY! When I pour into you, I create “New Money Strategies” RIGHT ON THE SPOT that are rooted in your mess!! ($2k value)

  • Committed Action Bonus #2: My “Get Your Money Now” 3-hour Training and Proven Workbook!

    In case you haven’t figured this out, I’m a money girl. Uh-huh, I want you free, but I also want you paid! If you don’t know how to bring in “new money,” you are trapped and dependent on that lover, that job, or that check. And I’m not okay with that. So I am including this proven training on how to take skills you’re ALREADY using for your church, job, or sorority and bring in ‘New Money’—for yourself. Stop robbing Peter to pay Paul! Learn the skill of generating money anytime you want—for the rest of your life. ($3k value)

  • Committed Action Bonus #3: New Money Mindset Mastery System: 10 Mental Shifts to Easily, Effectively and AUTHENTICALLY Change Your Mind About Money!

    If you are anything like me, you may have money hurts that shape your behaviors—in the negative— that stop you from IMPLEMENTING. Procrastination, fear, self-doubt, distrust, shame, old tapes and historical cultural survival strategies can easily undermine your genuine desire to leap into your seven-figure success. But there is hope. Here is the truth sis: you will not be able to take action to “get money” until you change your mind about money. I’m not playing.

Don’t you hate it when you are all gungho to take a new action, to step out—but then some sh!t from the past starts whispering in your ear why NOT too—and you listen? Well not anymore! The New Money Mindset Mastery System is the basis for implementing the “Get Money” training. (Think if it as wealth insurance.) It’s 10 lessons, 10 transcripts,10 worksheets and—get this—10 monthly LIVE group calls with my “Get Money” Resource Experts! Can we say, support? I am dead serious about your success. #IGotYouBoo. We are in this together… for the long haul. (Value: $1497)

These three added amazing bonuses are YOURS when you choose our pay-in-full option for this life-changing program!

It’s all big. REALLY big. I know this is everything you have been hoping for and searching for. But I know you may still have questions:

Dr. Venus … I don’t know if I have the time.

Sis, let me break it down for you: When you say you don’t have the “time,” you are in essence saying you are more committed to putting other people’s agendas before your well-being and financial future. You are saying you will self-sacrifice in order to be liked, buy validation with ANOTHER degree or outside achievement, or lose yourself to get love.

Which is only digging the hole deeper. What better time than now to start putting YOU first?

How about starting right now to value YOU?

This program is ALL about your relationship with yourself, which is the well you can tap to build the life YOU WANT. It is a structured way to spend time with you to transform and prosper. From the comfort of your own home, you can give yourself the permission to prosper and thrive by saying to yourself, God, and man: "I matter to me. It's my time to thrive!" #hollaandpreach

PLUS the training is delivered DIRECTLY to your inbox and the "deep dive" calls are recorded. So you can listen at your leisure! How cool is that?

Dr. Venus … what if I don't have the money?

Do you have cash-flow woes? No worries, I got your back! Number one, the economy is turning. And number two, I decided that nothing should stop you from giving yourself the best gift of all: Yourself, free and prosperous. So I've crafted a convenient paid-in-full option (best deal) PLUS a generous 6-pay option to make it super easy for you. And besides, it's FAR less than a class I teach at university, with even more life-changing content. You are getting a steal!

For real! These dirt-cheap payments are less than a good sew in a nice name-brand outfit, or a good Coach bag. As Black Women we have been taught to put our money "on us" instead of "in us." But when you invest now, in learning how to turn your survival into success as the foundation for breaking your first million, you break the generational curse of Black Women being the beast of burden, the scapegoat, or the cash cow. You learn to make money off of "what you know" instead of from "what you do." That is called FREEDOM.

Dr. Venus … I'm scared to invest in myself.

Understood ... so was I! But I was more afraid of living at the mercy of others than betting on myself. Look, sis, you have already tried doing it on your own. How's that workin' for you? Why not take a chance on you instead? Why not get freed up with personal power, network with other like-hearted sisters, start to value you the way you want others to value you, and see the amazing rewards show up in every area of your life? When you don't bet on yourself, the fear multiplies. When you do, you will find it replaced with the power and freedom to choose the life you want!


Black Woman with moneyYou in essence say, “I am not a slave to anyone anymore, and I will do what I need to, so I value me and can take care of me in a lifestyle that I want, no matter what.”

That’s transformation from being a victim to being the author of your life, because you are looking survival right in the face and saying, “No, not this time.”

The actual training you receive in this program will pale in comparison to the beautiful discovery of YOU valuing YOU. Just saying yes to yourself by betting on you through this program is going to transform your relationships, how you see yourself, and what you will stand for. It is a priceless transformation that completely changes the game—for generations to come.

Because when you bet on yourself through this program, you have broken a generational curse of Black Women being at the bottom. You put yourself at the top—because YOU said so. Not under duress. Not to be liked. Not to keep the peace.

When you take this step, you not only make history—you
actually defy it. And it takes courage.

But you have a choice:
To either live your life at the mercy of the past.
Or step up and grow wings as you soar.


And to make it all simple, just for you, I've taken it a step further.

With My "We Are In This Together" Guarantee—

Satisfaction GuaranteeI believe in you. I know it is your time—if it wasn't, you would not be reading this.

I know you can do this. You are a proud, successful Black Woman who has walked through life's fire and survived. But now it's your time to soar.

So to make this all crazy simple, I'm going to take all the risk off of you. You heard me. ALL THE RISK, by offering you a 100% money-back guarantee.

Here is our deal (remember ... I'm offering you nothing short of your freedom):

You can expect me to show up 100 percent, with experience you won't find anywhere else. But you must show up and play 100 percent as well! If you fully participate in all the processes and take the actions each process suggests, and you still cannot take new actions that create new results (and you send me the completed course assignments, stating the new action taken and the result produced), I will give you all your money back. For real!

Be clear: filling out the worksheets is not the same as IMPLEMENTING the action of the worksheet in your business and in your life!!! And when you DO implement the work (not the worksheet) in your life (i.e, clarity, freedom, new money, the ability to forgive, speaking up, making an offer, making a request, valuing yourself, letting go of emotional baggage, getting rid of the "haters" that suck the life out of you, creating the fodder for your million dollar message, healing old hurts that have kept you in bondage, etc.) your results are going to go through the roof!!!

I am THAT confident in you and in this powerful program. You are a winner. All you need is a system and guide to tap into what is ALREADY THERE. I am in this with you. I have never had any client who actually did the work not be blown away by the results. So I will carry this one. Give it to me. Is that fair?

So to be crystal clear, here is everything
you receive in this incredible, historic offering:

  • Seven-Figure Sister Starter System 7 Proven Step-by-Step Processes delivered weekly to your inbox:

    Turn your survival into success, your pain into peace, and get on the fast track to break your first million—on your OWN terms! ($1997 value)

  • Seven-Figure Sister Starter System 7 Weekly “Deep Dive” Training Calls with Dr. Venus Opal Reese:

    Doing my life-changing processes are one thing. Having me deep dive into the very structure of survival is another. Here is your once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience the genius of my multimillion-dollar brain trust in service of YOU! ($3000 value)

  • Self-Worth and Forgiving Your Parents Audio:

    With New York Times Best-Selling Author Liz Murray and Dr. Venus Opal Reese. Forgiving your parents is essential to your emotional and financial freedom. It doesn’t get any more powerful than this. (priceless)

  • 7 “Open Your Heart” Set the Stage Mini-Webinars

    7 “Open Your Heart” Set the Stage Mini-Webinars These super short and sweet webinars will set you up to deeply receive the wisdom and transformation you are about to experience.

  • 1 standard access ticket to the Defy Impossible Presents … Black Women Millionaires LIVE! Luxury Experience for Black Women in Business in Atlanta, GA June 2016 or Las Vegas October 2016

    The only event designed for who you are! Unparalleled business training to fast-track it to the million-dollar mark with meaning—and on your OWN terms! ($3,500 value)

  • Lisa Nichols “Loving the Little Black Girl Inside”:

    Exclusive Interview with Dr. Venus Opal Reese. This six-time best-selling author shares with me her four top permission-to-prosper power tools she used to turn self-love into a multimillion-dollar brand. ($297 value)

  • Street Smarts Audio Program and Worksheets:

    The 4 powerful audios and 4 step-by-step guides enhance the survival with key teachings and often overlooked accelerators of success. A hand-in-glove fit! ($497 value)

  • New Money Mindset Mastery System: 10 Mental Shifts to Easily, Effectively and AUTHENTICALLY Change Your Mind About Money!

    Ready to stop the procrastination, fear, self-doubt, distrust, shame, old tapes and historical cultural survival strategies that can easily undermine your genuine desire to leap into your seven-figure success? With LIVE monthly support? Look no further! #YouAreGoingToLoveMeForThis! (Value $1497)

  • Live Group "Pouring into YOU!" Call:

    This powerful call takes you above and beyond your struggles to get ALL your questions answered, right from the source! My street-smart survival skill of hearing what’s really in your way (and knowing the best way past it) ENSURES you lock onto even your loftiest goals. AND I SMELL MONEY! When I pour into you, I create “New Money Strategies” RIGHT ON THE SPOT that are rooted in your mess!! ($2k value)

  • Get Money 3-Hour Training and Proven Workbook

    Stop robbing Peter to pay Paul! Learn the skill of generating money anytime you want—for the rest of your life. ($3k value)

  • Facebook Support Group:

    Your net worth is directly connected to your network! Join a network of like-hearted sisters who are as HUNGRY as you are to turn survival into success! Can we say support? Sisterhood? Safe space? Yay! ($197 value)

Add it up: The full value of this entire blockbuster one-time-only package is $16,472.

Which affordable payment option fits you best?

PAY IN FULL $1,497.00


But there’s one more thing to share...
Because I’ve saved the biggest surprise for last!

I know it's on your mind. So let's bring it out ...

Dr. Venus, what's all this going to cost me?

Hear me, my precious, priceless sister: YOU ARE NOT A COMMODITY OR A LIABILITY! As Black Women, we have been taught through history and slavery that we are a commodity like cattle that could be bought, sold, or traded for a good "price." So we are ALWAYS looking for a good deal, trying to get stuff on the cheap, as if we are not worthy of the best.

But doing so only reinforces, at a soul-aching level, that we are broke and broken.

We have also been related to in institutions (educational, government, or corporate) as a liability. Meaning somehow we incur some "cost" or debt in order to make it, belong, or simply survive. And they are doing us a favor by allowing us to slave for them and make others rich.


"Dr. Venus is a master trainer who actually delivers… Her incredible insight, wisdom, and brilliance make her one of the best and brightest in Black America today."

"I am picky. It normally takes a speaker up to 3-5 years to get on the PowerNetworking stage. Dr. Venus did it in three months. This sister knows what she is talking about and she consistently produces incredible results. She is serious about empowering our people economically, not simply motivationally. Dr. Venus is a master trainer who actually delivers—which is why I invited her back to my stage and made her part of my faculty."

George C. Fraser, CEO, FraserNet, Inc


"Dr. Venus…has taken the pain of her past and turned it into HUGE profits!"

"I consider Dr. Venus the 'Queen of Self-Esteem.'… I've had the privilege of watching her produce unprecedented results over and over again. This woman knows how to make it happen in a big and impressive way!"

Lisa Sasevich, "The Queen of Sales Conversion,"


"You must experience Dr. Venus Opal Reese!"

"I couldn't hold back my tears of joy and triumph—she is so extraordinary and powerful."

Kym Yancey, Co-Founder & President, eWomenNetwork

It’s time to end this, once and for all. And BREAK FREE!
This revolutionary, transformative training

You are your own best thing. It’s time to put your money IN you instead of ON you. Your survival strategies of self-sacrifice, making do, or robbing Peter to pay Paul have not only cost you your peace of mind, but have turned money into the enemy. So the idea of “wasting” good money in something as nontangible, seemingly frivolous, or nonessential as a “starter for success” is the exact way survival keeps you in a poor relationship with money. Until you start investing in you to give yourself a competitive advantage—like White Men do—you will underearn, overgive, and sink deeper into self-recrimination.

You can end this cycle forever. NOW. Here’s how:

The actual retail value of this package is just under $16.5k, including all of the amazing bonuses.

(I know: sticker shock. Keep breathing.)

But NOT for you! For a LIMITED time, you can get EVERYTHING you see here:

  • The seven proven “pain to peace” processes
  • The seven “deep dive” training calls
  • The Lisa Nichols interview
  • The Liz Murray forgiveness recording
  • The Street Smarts Audio program
  • The New Money Mindset Mastery System
  • 7 Open Your Heart mini-webinars
  • The Get Money Training and Workbook
  • The loving safe space of our Facebook Sisterhood
  • The Live Group "Pouring into YOU!" Call
  • AND a ticket to my live event

All for the LOW investment of only $1497. But I’m going one step further to make this breathtaking offer convenient: I am also including the easy 6-pay option of $297. That wasn’t a misprint or a typo.

Which affordable payment option fits you best?

PAY IN FULL $1,497.00


Now here is the million-dollar question: Is it worth it?
Well, let me ask you this:

  • What would it be worth to stop being a victim and get your power back? To ditch all the “haters” and “losers” and instead magnetize really good people who love you and celebrate you—flaws and all?
  • How much would you expect to pay if you knew you could take these life-changing discoveries and identify the actual value you bring to the marketplace so you can make money and make a difference with your walk?
  • Imagine being able to take your mess and turn it into a message that would bring YOUR tribe to you. How much money would you be able to make—on your own terms—for the rest of your life? $10,000? $100,000?
  • Would you hesitate if I were a White Man? Would you pay $1497 to make $50,000? $500,000? $1,000,000,000 (or more!) with peace, clarity, and unapologetic self-expression? (I am praying to GOD your answer is yes to this question!!!)

The earning potential you would be passing up is HUGE!

The earning potential you would be passing up is HUGE!

But let’s get REALLY practical: Forget the content (I know, the stellar testimonials and my own life story make that a stretch, but play with me):

The unparalleled networking opportunities alone make this an opportunity you simply cannot pass up. Imagine ... connecting with the super successful like-hearted sisters who are JUST as hungry as you are to turn their survival into success. Who are just as excited as you are to do the real work to fast-track it to seven figures. Who are “bosses” in their own right with networks of their own.

Have you ever heard the phrase “Your net worth
is directly linked to your network”? Well, it is.

And if you are saying to yourself,

  • “I keep attracting people who can’t afford my rates,” or
  • “I have the same friends who are stuck in the same mentality I am trying to leave,” or
  • “I don’t know sisters who understand what I am going through”

Here’s a fact: A new network of committed Black Women destined for greatness will give you new energy, new friends, new perspectives, and potentially, new business. Just one client, JV partner, or affiliate for your next launch or event, or down the line, will MORE than recoup your investment for this breakthrough training program.

Still not convinced? Do me a favor ... take out a pen and pad.

  • Add up all the money you’ve spent in the last twelve months on your hair, nails, eating out, clothes, and smartphone gadgets. I am serious. Take out a piece of paper and a pen and do the math.
  • Add up all the money you have spent on shoes, purses, and movies.
  • (Include Starbucks!!!)
  • Add up the money you have given away to family, friends, or your baby’s daddy to be considered a “good” person.
  • Calculate it. Now.

Now add up all the money you have invested in learning how to turn your survival into success so you can monetize your worth into a seven-figure business.

Compare the two. If the money you have spent on “stuff” in the past year exceeds the money you have invested in the lifelong skill of living your own dream and destiny, this training is your opportunity to finally turn the tide for you and your family’s financial future.

Still don’t hear me? … Do me another favor.

  • Calculate how much money you have made FOR OTHER PEOPLE over the last 12 months ...
  • ... Or how you received pennies on the dollar because you didn’t have the confidence or self-trust to ask for a raise or leave and start your own business.
  • Calculate how much money you have left on the table because your rates were too low.
  • Calculate how much money you have lost because you were too afraid to ask for the sale

And add up the cost. Please.

(Take your time. I will wait…)


"In only 6 months of working with Dr. Venus Opal Reese, I increased my income by 25 percent."

"When I met Dr. Venus, I had been an entrepreneur for a while, but I was stuck at a certain income and could not move forward. Through her Be a Business Badass Program, she helped me discover my self-worth, which gave me the confidence to raise my rates and leverage my income. Now, I’m in the second year of her mastermind and she just keeps coming up with new ways for me to succeed. Her approach goes far beyond business strategies and tactics, and straight to the root of what is truly holding you back from achieving success in great measures. I recommend her for anyone who is looking for a mentor or business consultant, because she is tenacious in making sure her clients get the results they need."

Carol Ann, Creator


"Venus is a walking miracle who cares about helping others."

"She has been able to turn her tough background into success. From the moment you here Venus speak you can feel the passion she has for changing lives. She is the real deal."

Larry Benet, CEO and Co-Founder of SANG

What’s your number? $2k? $10k? $100k? MORE? Whatever number you put down is what it will cost you to NOT do this training.

I think you just realized something. I think your decision has already been made.

In closing, there are just a few more things I want you to know:

  • I want you to know that I love you and I am proud of you.
  • I don’t have to know your story to know your spirit.
  • You are a woman with a destiny.
  • You know you are ordained for great things in life, and you are frustrated as hell with all the trial and error.
  • You are ready to live—not just make it or make do.
  • You are ready to soar.
  • It’s time to break the generational curse of Black Women being at the bottom.
  • It’s time to put yourself on a collision course to your predestined seven-figure success.

Yes, Dr. Venus! I'm ready to
break my first million!

I understand I'm going to get the Seven Figure Sister Starter System where I'll get the proven internal processes to break my first million - on my own terms!

Plus, I'll get these bonuses:

  1. Committed Action Bonus #1: A Live Group "Pouring into YOU!" Call:
  2. Committed Action Bonus #2: My "Get Your Money Now" 3-hour Training and Proven Workbook!
  3. Committed Action Bonus #3: The Black Women Millionaires+ Virtual Salon VIP package
  4. Self-Worth and Forgiving Your Parents Audio
  5. Lisa Nichols "Loving the Little Black Girl Inside"
  6. PLUS, 1 standard access ticket to the Defy Impossible Presents... Seven-Figure Sisters Live Event

And I know I'm protected by your 100% money-back guarantee

$1497 (Best Investment)

Register Now



Register Now

You are a Black Woman Millionaire waiting to happen.
Well, my dear sister in success, the wait is over!

To enroll now, end your years of frustration, and start your ascension to where YOU BELONG, click on the button below. As soon as your payment clears, you’ll receive the Street Smarts audio program to get started right away! I don’t want you to have to wait one extra second to hit the ground running, and pave the way for the powerful step-by-step processes delivered weekly to your inbox.

It’s time to turn your survival into success, to put you on the fast track to a peace that surpasses understanding and an eventual (if you want it) seven-figure business!

If in your heart of hearts you feel this is your next quantum
leap, one that makes the internal room required to live an
affluent and fulfilling life, you need to act now.

Here’s why:

Our 6-pay payment option is DISAPPEARING.

This program is a rare opportunity to experience the same principles that I ONLY share with my mastermind clients, who pay $20k to $100k annually for the privilege. The six-pay has a shelf life. It will expire. So if you want to start your revival at our breathtakingly low rate, you must act (and invest) now!

 Bonuses are going, going, gone.

These bonuses are special, and I don’t want to leave them out there to be picked over. I have a certain number available, and when they are gone, they are gone. If you want all the bonuses, invest today. Don’t wait until the last minute. You will lose out. To ensure you receive all the bonuses, you must act NOW.

Starting Soon:

This program’s start date is just around the corner. I will be closing the cart very soon so I can prepare for those walking with me into their seven-figure destiny. Bank on it: I spoil my clients once I know who’s in, so I create special bonuses. Get in now and feel the love. It matters to me that you have the experience that you matter. Don’t miss out!

Space is LIMITED:

This group will be special like no other ... so to ensure an experience and impact only an intimate group can provide, there is limited space available. I NEVER go over a hundred participants in any of my offerings. When you consider my reach of over 60,000 people (and growing every day), you can bet the available spaces will fill up fast.

And Finally ... The Investment in this ONE-TIME-ONLY GROUP is Going UP:

Not only is this group special ... I will not offer this program like this ever again. If turning your survival into success so YOU can fast-track it to seven figures is the path you’ve been yearning for, this is your only shot. Because any similar program I might run in the future will run a minimum of $7k–$10k. So to get in on the ground floor and get the best deal I will ever offer ... reserve your spot NOW!

Baby girl, you deserve to be happy, fulfilled, and abundant.
You are an extraordinary human being with a beautiful heart
and it’s time for you to really pour into YOU!

I invite you to pour into YOU what you so desperately wanted from others: unconditional love, value, honor, respect, and deep appreciation. You really do matter. But you have to matter enough to yourself FIRST to teach others, by your example, that you are precious and priceless.

Sister to sister: I can’t take the step for you.

But I will say: This program—all of my work, really—was specifically designed for super successful “strong” Black Women who have walked through life’s fire and are ready to soar. This program was made FOR you by a Black Woman who has also walked through life’s fire and feels your pain.

I am not bragging but speaking truth: You will not get this level of love, quality, impact and effectiveness ANYWHERE else on the planet. This is who I am. This is what I do. I LOVE Black Women. Black Women Matter. And as far as I am concerned, YOU are the one the WORLD has been waiting for. I am your biggest champion.

So it’s deciding time, sis: One more year living a reactionary,
mediocre life, or investing in you to have an entirely new life
that will make all the shit you have walked through worth it?

What do you say?

The choice is yours.

THIS offer will never be made again. I am serious.

If your heart and your gut are feeling like this is for you, then invest. If not, no worries. Move on.

I trust your judgment and honor your choice either way.

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